As Doğanateş Elektrik, we proceed with sure steps on the way to becoming a pioneer and leading company in the development of the region in its field with its innovative, scientific understanding, teamwork awareness, and expert staff.


Doğanateş Elektrik, which continuously develops the company in the same direction along with Turkey's growing and developing industry, was founded by who partners, Bayram ERDOĞAN and Ramazan ATEŞ, in 1990. The company operated in electrical installations and contracting works during the first years of foundation and has started selling comprehensive electrical supplies by increasing its business volume in 1997. The company reached the potential to meet the needs of the region by increasing market share and product group in a short time.


Our company has received the franchise of many worldly known electric companies, spread its sales potential to the region and become one of Turkey's well-known companies.


Our company opened its 2000m² showroom in 2004 by keeping the quality service and customer satisfaction in the front plan. In addition to this, it began to manufacture Electric Panels, Sheet Metal Channels, Ladders, Rack Cabins and Lighting Poles with “D.A.P.” brands during the early days of 2007 in Malatya 1st Organized Industrial Zone in line with the intensive requests it received. Our company which focused on quality of these productions received "TSE CE and ISO 9001:2008" quality certificates and manage to manufacture in accordance with international standards. "Thank God and the appreciation of our customers" we have opened our 3000m² new showroom and factory on April 14, 2016.


As Doğanateş Elektrik, we serve with our 3000m² new store, 2000m² current store, 4000m² manufacture plant and 8000m² outdoor.


Our company continues to operate by offering the latest technological innovations to its customers and adopting continuous improvement.


It showed and continues to show that the electricity sector can be operated not only in large Western cities but also in the East. Our company: has become the pioneer and leading organization in various electricity services with its innovative, scientific understanding, teamwork awareness, and expert staff. It markets the produced services to public institutions and organizations, private companies, factories and electricity companies with its quality and understanding of serving.

Our company committed to complying with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System in order to include the most recent technological developments in our organization, which are required to serve in the fields of electricity, electronics and technology; 
to increase its competence by investing in human power in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level; to be leader and reliable in the industry in line with international standards, legal requirements, business requirements, customer requirements; to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and review the quality goals which it created to provide the necessary resources.

*Always place the business ethics and corporate honesty before everything.

*Being aware that service is the greatest value provided to mankind.

*Offering the service required by humane and professional ethics to everyone equally.

*Serving to all of our customers by letting them feel that we are there for them starting with our first staff at the entrance.

*Being sensitive against all of our employees and their creativity.

*Accepting that each of our employees is the part of our chain.

*Creating opportunities to implement applicable proposals for the working conditions of our employees and their families.

*Organizing various events for the emotional thoughts and expectations of our employees by acting with the awareness that our employees are our internal customers.

*Always offering opportunities for our employees to develop themselves in line with the vision of our company.

*Working based on evidence (to be measurable).

*Keeping the record of each process/application in our organization by utilizing suitable technologies/software.

*Undertake the necessary change by following the improvement closely.

*Being involved in the change constantly with the belief of "the only thing that does not change is the change itself".

*Incorporating the innovations in the development of information and technology to our operations and use them for our customers.

*Following the world for effective and efficient use/work of our employees and the technology we use.

*Ensuring the customer satisfaction through "excellent service delivery".

*Accepting everyone who visits our institution as our guest and behave accordingly.

*Ensuring the continuity of our communication with our customers.



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