Our basic starting point in the HR approach consists of the following :
Our Values.
Principles of our business ethics (Our Ethical Values).
selection and placement.
Our Values:
Our HR strategy is to create a workforce focused on company goals, work as one knowledgeable team, manufacture and continuously develop and develop with high motivation and loyalty.
Believing that the most valuable capital is human resources, we go our way with a corporate culture of mutual trust and respect, and where participation, diversification and pluralism are supported.
Being sensitive to and creative with all our employees and accepting that each of our employees is part of our chain.
Doğanateş Elektrik, along with its employees, aims to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction and growth by providing products and services of world class quality and standards.
Working with the principle of “information sharing is essential”, employees are trained by managers of all ranks.
Creating opportunities for our employees to develop themselves in line with our company's vision and values.
Working with the awareness that our employees are our inner customers, organizing various events for their feelings, thoughts and expectations.
Evidence-based (measurable) work.
Our Business Ethics :
We expect all of our employees to act in a manner that ensures the integrity and culture of the company, and protects and develops the dignity, reliability and structure of the company.
All employees take responsibility for and abide by the "Business Ethics" and the entire principles that underpin it.
We want all our employees to realize that they are members of Doğanateş Elektrik and be proud of it.
We build relationships with our colleagues on healthy and lasting foundations and add talented and successful people to our structure.
We believe that people are equal and apply this principle in our business life, we do not discriminate between our employees, such as race, gender and religion, while giving everyone the same opportunity to improve and advance themselves.
Selection & Placement :
When selecting participants in Doğanateş Elektrik, the selection and placement system is applied based on the competency and qualifications required for the job.
The main principle of staff selection and placement is to provide equal opportunities to candidates with the competencies required by the job without any discrimination or privilege.
Learning, experience and language knowledge are important In line with the relevant job requirements, the personal qualities and competencies observed in the interviews also play an important role in the selection of the candidate.
We gives great importance at every stage and level, and do not refrain from investing in people for the purpose of preparing our employees for the future.
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