While adding value to your own projects thanks to the electrical products we can safely offer to our customers within the scope of the partnership, we also expand our current business area...


As Doğanateş Elektrik, we proceed with sure steps on the way to becoming a pioneer and leading company in the development of the region in its field with its innovative, scientific understanding, teamwork awareness, and expert staff.

Doğanateş Elektrik, which continuously develops the company in the same direction along with Turkey's growing and developing industry, was founded by who partners, Bayram ERDOĞAN and Ramazan ATEŞ, in 1990. The company operated in electrical installations and contracting works during the first years of foundation and has started selling comprehensive electrical supplies by increasing its business volume in 1997. The company reached the potential to meet the needs of the region by increasing market share and product group in a short time..




"We Shed Light to Future Together With You"
Today, we offer high quality and efficiency to our customers with AG power, distribution and control panel manufacture which we began in 2006 with Dap Panel brand. Besides the..
We are continuing to our Cable Channel and Ladder Systems manufactured with a rapid pace which we began in 2008 with D.A.P. CHANNEL brand. Besides our products are able to produce..
Today, we have managed to be one of the limited cabin producers in Turkey by using the knowledge and the experience we have in production with the Network/Server cabinets..
Today, we lighten the cities with our unique designs which we have started the manufacture of the park, garden, and street lighting poles in 2011 with D.A.P AYDINLATMA brand. Our..


Our panels are manufactured in accordance with TSE ISO 9001: 2008 and CE standards and technical specifications in high quality, robust and modular body structures


Received orders will be delivered in accordance with the delivery dates on the contract after the completion of preliminary preparation, material procurement, manufacturing, and testing.


The testing process of our panels is carried out by our expert team in accordance with relevant standards and project specifications. The results are submitted to the relevant institution for final test reports.


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